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garyglittercult's Journal

Ultimate Gary Glitter Cult
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is under construction... the creator being a Gary Glitter fanatic who is creating this community for the other Glam maniacs out there who support the one, the only GARY GLITTER! Check back as there will be many updates within the next several weeks! DO YOU WANNA BE IN MY GANG? OH YEAH!
1970s, alcohol abuse, benny hill, boogie woogie, bouffant quiffs, clapping, come on!, dancing, dreamboats, electric guitars, exposed chests, eyebrows, fashion, fists, friday night, galloping gormay, gary glitter, gesticulating, glam, glitter band, glitter beat, glitterchest, glittermania, great britain, hair, hey!, hit singles, horace hydrogen, huge lapels, hugging pillows, jumping out of bed, jumpsuits, lamé, leather, light bulbs, microphones, motorcycles, muscles, oh yeah!, paul francis gadd, paul raven, platform boots, pop idols, praying for another comeback, revving up engines, rhinestones, riding on rainbows, rock and roll, rock hard men, satan, seaside resorts, sequins, sexy paunches, shiny outfits, sideburns, singing along, snuggles, soft focus photo shoots, sparkles, spice girls, spotlights, steel, studs, sunglasses, swimming pools, teaching english, teen heartthrobs, terry tinsel, testosterone, the boys, the gang, the leader, tight trousers, too glam for 'nam, too glam for cam(bodia), top of the pops, twinkling like the stars, variety shows, vietnamese beauties, wigs